• Before the Internet

    I’m no Luddite, I use a PC, smartphone, etc.  Hell, I had a Macintosh with external hard-drives of 256MB and using a 2400 baud modem in the late 80’s.  I was an early AOL email user.  I used to send in my orders as a OEM rep over the modem with a cheesy form’s program I found at Compusource.  My

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  • 883987

    Early Season Rant

    As most of you know, VeloJerseys is based in Colorado.  Beautiful place, Colorado.  And in Denver, we have a wide variety of weather patterns especially around March and April.  Wind, snow, and the both along with sunny great days filled in.  It’s a glorious time that you will encounter several days of sunshine and feel the thaw of Spring and

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  • A Psychological Profile of a Doper

    Psychology of a Doper   The title might be a bit of a misnomer, since I’m not clinically qualified to make psychological diagnosis but when has that stopped anyone on the Internet. Let’s start by taking a word Rorschach test.  We’re playing Monopoly and I’m taking an extra $100 covertly when I pass go since I’m the banker for the

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  • SoCal is SoSoCal

    I’m on the outskirts of Southern California, where I grew up, for my mom’s funeral. I drove in from Colorado yesterday.  To say it’s a change from Colorado is, of course, an understatement.  I felt the mood change when I hit Vegas.  While driving, I noticed 20-somethings driving ninety miles an hour in the truck lane, texting, drinking lattes, and

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  • mom 001


    Life has taken some different twists and turns lately.  Much like a ride through unfamiliar roads or trails, obstacles have come up that have delayed my normal blog schedule.  Our lives change- sometimes daily and sometimes on a timeline that seems glacial. Inevitably, things change.  My mom has been sick.  She’s been put in that world by Alzheimer’s.  It started

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  • Pet Peeves of Suburbia or “Who the F@#& created those extendo-leashes?”

    I live in suburbia. And I hate it, most of the time. There’s the typical house upon house along with the residents who are hopped up, passive-aggressive soccer moms bent on getting their kids into Ivy League schools or pro athletics to satisfy their tormented souls. And many of the men who live in my neck of the woods are

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  • PIC92372692

    Another Cycling Blog? Bleh…..

    I know, I know. Another cycling blog isn’t really what most of you want since you might read about 4-5 along with your other web-browsing. I, myself, love to read Steve Tilford’s, RKP, Twisted Spoke, Fat Cyclist, among others. Let me explain. First, my webmaster tells me that blogs are an easy way to SEO my clothing website to e-commerce

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